Saturday, February 07, 2009

Crying Watching Lucky Star

Not bawling crying, mind you, but this scene always manages to bring a
tear to my eyes (where Konata's dad explains to Konata, with her
mother's ghost watching, that the one thing he was confident of was
that he loved her mother more than anyone else could). A lot of the time
when a series that's mainly comedy tries to pull off drama it doesn't
work very well, but whoever directed this scene I give them a lot of

On another note, the latest Haruhi-coming-in-April-oh-wait-it's-not
rumor would have felt like taking a mallet to the nutsack, but
fortunately I've heard that story before enough that I was cynical and
didn't get my hopes up. It has me wishing JC Staff would just do the
second season, because otherwise by the time it airs I'll be old and
won't be able to find my own pants, much less figure out how to watch
X.68030 format fansubs or whatever else kids are using by then.


oOgA said...

scenes depicting a lost parent's past is always touching imo

Anonymous said...

That one scene really sticks out in my mind when thinking of Lucky Star. It's probably my favorite scene of the entire series and does normally bring a tear or two whenever I watch it.

I've been wondering if you've watched Munto TV yet and what you've thought of it.

suguru said...

I really liked the Munto OVAs, although the plot got a little confusing/disjointed at times - I've watched the first three episodes of the TV series now and since all they've done is reair the first OVA with minimal changes I'm a little disappointed so far. Not that it's bad, since it's effectively the same as the OVA I liked, but I'd been hoping that they'd rework the OVA material to make the story flow better. I guess the part I'm really looking forward to will be after episode 6-7 or so, when they finish the second OVA's material and we finally find out what happened after the cliffhanger the second OVA ended on.