Thursday, May 28, 2009

In the Wake of the Week

Random thoughts from this week's anime watching (spoilers everywhere):

- Poor's too bad navis can't *remote* control ships,
then she could keep eating all the maruyaki she wants.
- Why the hell is Nerval making pasta? As much as Sorakake can be
kind of thought-provoking at times, other times it's 100% WTF. At
least he didn't order Pizza Hut.
- It's good to see with Tsutsuji, Lum's fashion sense lives on 25+ years later.
- Yumina looks like an idiot with a bird sitting on her head, but two
birds is even worse. Am I the only one whose first thought was what
happens when they have to poop?
- Is it just me or is the arrival of the second season of Haruhi kind
of anticlimatic? After all the false starts, for it to show up almost
out of nowhere just...lacks impact, I guess.
- Haruhi's personality didn't seem to change at all from junior high
to high school - but I guess you could say she hasn't changed all that
much over the course of the series in high school either.
- In its first year of existence the light music club gave exactly one
concert? At this rate I'm not thinking the Budokan thing is going to
- Bummed we didn't get a Valentine's Day episode in K-On!, I know it's
all girls but can't you just picture Mugi giving Sawako chocolate?
- Megane guy in Hatsukoi Limited is a character we've seen about a
million times before, but I still liked episode 7 more than I thought
I would.
- Kei and Kusuda are still my favorite characters though...they could
put Kei's picture on the Wikipedia entry for tsundere.
- Good to see Hinagiku getting lots of screentime.
- Could Kiss x Sis get any closer to the line without crossing it?
- Riko >> impassable wall >> Ako.
- Silfa...meh. Need another Ikuno or Sasara episode.
- At the rate they keep adding new characters, Takaaki's going to have
the largest harem in anime history.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Hard to Believe, Yes Way, Reappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi

Wow. Another season of Haruhi - strangely enough,
looking outside, I don't see mushroom clouds or burning pitch falling
from the sky on the Damned, but I've got to think it's coming. Yes,
there have been enough false starts that I was convinced the world
would end before we'd see a second season of Haruhi, but apparently
I'm wrong - as every anime blog on Earth is reporting, they slipped a
new episode, "Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody", in with a re-airing of the first
season, with more new episodes to come. It's been so long that maybe
they felt they needed a stunt like this to try to rekindle what's left
of the fanbase, but airing more Haruhi without much advance warning is
an interesting marketing move - I'd expected they would announce the
date for the new season a year in advance and build mad crazy hype all
along the way. Since I loved the first season, I'll definitely be
watching this - I think I can hear the roar of a thousand fansub
groups starting their engines in unison now...