Thursday, March 04, 2010

Urusei Yatsura in Shana-tan

It never ceases to amaze me, over 20 years since the Urusei Yatsura anime ended, how it still shows up as a reference in other anime. This time the Shana-tan special that came with the Shana S second OVA has Yuuji paying homage to Ataru (specifically in UY episode "After You've Gone"), where Lum leaves Ataru (unknown to him, just temporarily to take care of some paperwork), but leaves a small doll of herself behind to keep tabs on him. I know Urusei Yatsura was popular in its day, but I wonder how many of today's otaku have even seen it - I doubt it's in any kind of syndication, and if some of today's fans can call Love Hina and To Heart "old school" they sure as hell won't be watching an anime series from 1982. Anyway, this made me laugh since I remember that episode of Urusei Yatsura well - probably one of my favorites, since it shows that under his usual letch/jerk exterior, Ataru really does care about Lum.