Thursday, August 19, 2010

Amagami SS 8: Kaoru's Arc Wraps Up

So we come to the end of Kaoru's arc in Amagami SS - belly-button scene aside, this was a pretty solid arc, helped by Kaoru being a very likeable, down-to-Earth character. Although I can't help wondering how much better it could have been if they had a full 12-13 episodes to flesh out the story instead of cramming everything into four episodes.

As Tsuki points out, the climax and all the drama was really in the episode before this one, and this felt more like a epilogue, but I still enjoyed it. The focus was just on the main characters, and while there wasn't any doubt on how things would turn out, there were some good moments in there - the confession/first kiss (although is there ever a Christmas in anime that's not a White Christmas?), Karou falling asleep, Junichi turning out to be petrified of heights, and so on. Nothing really felt off all episode - it was just a cute story, for lack of a better way to put it.

I do have to wonder what Kaoru's arc would have been like if it had a full season to run with, or if the creators of Amagami SS had gone with a Kimikiss-like approach with multiple male leads, and a much more complex relationship diagram where yes, some girls get the guy and some don't. It's easy to imagine a storyline where Junichi gets closer to Haruka with Kaoru's help, but then Kaoru and Junichi start to develop feelings for each other - the scene where they confess to each other and have their first kiss could have had a lot more impact if they had a tougher road to get there. Just picture Kaoru going to the tower alone, despondent since she knows Junichi is out with Haruka, but then Junichi finds her at the tower after realizing she's his true love, cue the dramatic music, etc. You could say that would be like the cliff-top onsen in Mayoi Neko Overrun, where the cliff is there to exhaust you so you can enjoy the onsen all the more when you finally get there.

But in the end, this arc was still a fun watch, and I could definitely see myself watching it again in the future. Up next is Sae, though, and honestly just ten seconds of her talking in the preview makes me want to throw my laptop out a window, so I'll be taking a break from Amagami SS for the next four episodes...


Zyl said...

"Junichi turning out to be petrified of heights"

Remember the hotel elevator scene from the Haruka arc? I like how this series has great consistency in the little details.

suguru said...

You're right - I'd forgotten about that scene, that is cool that they remembered to be consistent between arcs for things like that.