Thursday, August 12, 2010

Best Moe 2010

You can argue popularity contests are a waste of time (although you can also argue that about most forms of entertainment), but I've voted in Best Moe, the Korean-based anime character popularity contest, for the last few years now and it's been an entertaining ride. There have been a few epic battles along the way, including one where Shana beat Nanoha by a single vote, 1010-1009, if I remember right. Best Moe also makes it insanely easy to vote, with an English version of the site where you just click on the buttons for the characters you want to vote for and then punch 'vote' - no Saimoe 2ch rocket science, foreign language proficiency, or voting codes involved. ISML can be fun to participate in too (and also makes voting easy), but especially since they're on hiatus until the double eliminiation tournment starts in September, Best Moe can be an fun way to spend a couple minutes a day - there's also a thread on AnimeSuki here.

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