Monday, August 16, 2010

To Aru Majutsu no Index 15-20

Continuing on with the Index sort-of marathon...the Angel Fall arc wasn't bad, with some pretty good fight scenes towards the end, although it's easily topped by the Biri-Biri centric episode 18. Mikoto should just admit she likes Touma already - she can't afford to not make a move, when her competition already lives in his apartment and apparently does the "sleep in only a white dress shirt" thing.

As for the two-episode mini-arc in episodes 19-20 with Accelerator and Last Order, I'll admit they did an OK job at trying to make Accelerator into a 'good guy', but I think they could have laid a little more groundwork for it by showing some (or any) shred of remorse when he was going around slaughtering Sisters earlier. Instead it seems being beaten down by Touma somehow completed changed his character. And yeah, losing some of his ability was a bit of a price to pay for all he'd done, but not anything compared to what Misaka 1 through 10,031 went through...

It's also kind of hard to believe that the same scientist who's involved in an experiment involving mass slaughter of clones would then turn around and become a schoolteacher. I wouldn't want my daughter in her class, that's for sure - I guess I'm a little disappointed the only price she paid for her involvement is not being able to be a researcher anymore.

I'm starting to think I badly mistimed picking Index back up though, because with just four episodes to go I'll be done soon and the wait for the fall season will seem like forever. Although I guess I shouldn't complain, since if I'd watched it when everyone else did I'd have been waiting for over a year already...

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