Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Looking Back at Summer

Damn, September flew by fast - I should probably just give up on blogging since in the free time I've had, generally I prioritze watching anime over writing about it. But since the fall season's here already, I might as well write up a few random thoughts on the season that just ended:

Seitokai Yakuindomo - My favorite of the season, but I'm a sucker for comedy and comedy is completely subjective so your mileage may vary considerably. The ultra-short genius character has been done before but Suzu, and the rest of the cast, still consistently made me laugh week after week.

Amagami SS - I was sure I was going to *hate* Sae's arc with a white-hot passion, but I was surprised to find it was really pretty funny - the narration wasn't quite Wakamoto Norio-level, but it was still entertaining. Sae isn't quite the timid mouse she appeared to be in the first few episodes, and her character actually does develop a little over her arc. Ai's story should be fun to watch too, I'm still a little conflicted on whether the "do a complete reset and have a new main heroine every four episodes" is a good idea or not, but at least this was no one can complain their favorite got screwed over...

Strike Witches 2nd season - Kind of a letdown compared to the first season - it's like AIC was sticking to the formula so closely that it almost felt more like a remake than a sequel. No "Yoshika's dad is really alive and invented the Neruoi" or any kind of plot twist like that in there either. But having said that, whatever you think of the no-pants thing, the cast was still fun to watch, especially Shirley and Barkhorn's episode.

Nurarihyon no Mago - Not bad, although Gyuuki's story felt a little drawn out. I like the cast, though, and although plot has a lot of "seen that before" to it, it's doing it all pretty well. Definitely getting DNAngel flashbacks from Kana liking Rikuo's alter ego, too bad Kana-chan isn't as awesome as Harada Riku was though...

K-On 2nd season - It pains me to say it, but I actually dropped this - I loved the original K-On, but somehow the second season lost me. If it was all Azusa, Jun, and Ui I think I'd be all over it, somehow I find the kouhais more interesting than their seniors. But I'm sure at some point (probably between seasons) I'll pick it back up and watch the rest, and wonder why I dropped it.

Overall, a great summer to be an anime fan, summer and winter seem to have fewer anime series than spring and fall, but I didn't think this summer was bad at all. Fall is looking like it could be amazing though, one of the great things about being an anime fan is you never get bored...

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