Friday, December 02, 2011

Idolmaster 22: Smackdown, Baby

I'll get the Producer a wallet for Christmas!
But if I fill it with condoms first, would that be too forward of me?

Just when I've completely given up hope that Idolmaster is going to go with the romance angle, we get a episode setting up a Haruka-Miki smackdown for the Producer. Maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see here, but if you were writing this and wanted to bring in a Haruka-Miki-Producer love triangle, this episode would be the perfect way to set it up. Miki declares she loves the Producer (on the Jumbotron no less), Haruka gets the lead in a play over Miki, but Miki wins new idol of the year over Haruka - then Haruka buys the Producer a Christmas present, but hesitates and fails to give it to him due to Miki. Most importantly, at the end of the episode, Haruka hesitates for just a moment to rejoin everyone, seeing Miki close to the Producer.

Harurun, you can never, ever have too much cake.
Or too much Harurun with glasses and a bigass hat.

If I were writing this, the next episode would see Haruka losing the lead in the play to Miki - which just reinforces Haruka feeling more and more like she's losing to Miki, both for the Producer and at being an idol. That sets up Haruka to be on the verge of quitting, the Producer stops her, Haruka tearfully tells him she can't compete with Miki and needs to go somewhere else, and blurts out that she loves him - cue the dramatic kiss, Haruka knockout performance in the play, and voila.

Miki fans would hate this ending, but Haruka's the main heroine, and the main heroine always wins. Everyone knew Haruka was the main heroine from the moment "Are you lady, I'm lady" started to play in the first cour's opening credits, because the camera was pointed right at her. Your heroine always gets the best shots in the OP credits. Even in the ED credits for this episode, she's walking in front of everyone. You can almost hear Dark Haruka saying "that's right bitches, you will all follow my lead and like it."


Thank God she doesn't look like Kaede from Shuffle here.

I haven't blogged in a coon's age, whatever the hell that means (actually, Google tells me it's this - the ability of the internet to know everything still amazes me, but that's my age talking). The fall season has been pretty good though, I've just been too lazy/busy to blog about it - and yes, Idolmaster is still what I'm looking forward to the most each week. Even if I'm wrong and they don't go for the love triangle drama to close out the series, it's been a fun show to watch. Every episode isn't epic, and sometimes the animation quality takes a dive, but it's almost always entertaining, and that's enough. Also, Amimami-chan needs its own series.

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ザイツェヴ said...

So, this is what the Haruka's candy from ep.6 was about.