Friday, December 23, 2011

Idolmaster Finale

The final episode of Idolmaster is over - not much to say about this one, it was pretty much the ending I expected, with the big concert for everyone at 765Pro, Producer-san sneaking out of the hospital to go, and then finally an epligoue of sorts when spring comes and the Producer's back at work.  It was nice to see Haruka was finally able to give Producer-san the present she wanted to give him at Christmas, the concert scenes weren't bad, there was even the hint of a Haruka-Miki-Producer triangle down the road at the end.  Not the impact of the end of episode 23, sure, but then this episode was pretty clearly going to be a by-the-numbers feel-good finale, and I'm fine with that.

In the end, Idolmaster's been a fun ride - while I can't say every episode was epic, and some were very forgettable, when it was good, it was very, very good.  If I had to pack just 10 anime series to take to a desert island with me, would it make the cut?  Probably it'd only be on the bubble, but it's been an entertaining anime series, and I'd be happy if we end up getting more down the road (probably unlikely, but hey, I can hope for an OVA for something).  I think if they'd gone the Miki-Haruka smackdown for the Producer route and made better use of the drama from Producer-san's accident, it'd be at an even higher level - but as is it was still fun to watch and I'm sure I'll be rewatching Chihaya and Haruka's arcs, at least, pretty soon.

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