Friday, December 23, 2011

Toradora OVA: Thank You, Santa

Somewhere in my late 20s I reached the age where there really wasn't anything I wanted for Christmas.  Even for my birthday I asked for something for my two-year old daughter, because I couldn't think of anything for myself.  It's not that there's nothing I want - but asking for a pension, or for my daughter's 529 plan to fully fund itself, or to pay off the mortgage isn't something even Santa can pull the hell off on his best day.

But, having said that, seeing the Toradora OVA out there when I had somehow completely missed the news and/or forgotten it was getting one, is one of the best Christmas surprise presents I can remember getting.  It's not the greatest episode of Toradora, but just seeing the cast in action again in new material was well worth the almost two-year wait.  To summarize it in a few words, the OVA is about Takasu's bento battle with Kitamura's grandmother, and if you liked Toradora at all, it's definitely well worth checking out.  Toradora is one of my favorite anime series of all time, and while this is a side story during the main plot and not a "ten years later" epilogue or anything, it's still well worth watching.

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