Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Amagami SS+ Haruka part 1

Hibiki is the voice of reason as usual - unfortunately for Junichi, Hibiki is the voice of reason Haruka never listens to.  Seriously, Haruka wants her Mrs. degree already and she's not even out of high school?

Poor Junichi, he gets to go straight to three months of the living hell before babies learn to sleep through the night, and doesn't even get to round home plate to get there.

You can't tell that at 12 weeks, Hibiki do your homework!  Although I guess a OB would know that more than a pediatrician.

Not a bad episode, although Morishima Sexy Jessica?  We get a trifecta of bad foreigner stereotypes with the big boobs, kissing is just a greeting, and...odd naming sense.

Foriegner Miya was pretty hilarious though, even if it was just a few seconds in Junichi's imagination.  They need to give Miya more character traits than nishishi~ and eating nikuman though, it's nice that she likes nikuman, but she's not Rihoko.

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