Monday, March 26, 2012

Ano Natsu de Matteru - Finale

 Can't resist a Tetsuro-Mio shot, they make a pretty cute couple here...

Ano Natsu de Matteru ends - almost exactly how I guessed it would, which means the writers were probably a little predictable, but it was executed really, really well, so I can't complain.  Ichika does have to leave, but returns at the end - probably because Lemon-senpai hacks into the Galactic Federation's mainframe or something, after the van went all mecha I don't think anything Lemon can pull off would surprise me.

The confession scene a few episodes back with Kaitou and Ichika is probably still my favorite scene of the series, but this episode had some good moments between them too.  After seeing more anime than I can count where the male lead is completely useless and girls still like him in spite of him having no redeeming qualities, Kaitou says exactly the right thing and isn't afraid to tell the girl he loves how he feels.  Although in the scene above I was half expecting the answer to "what if we get in a fight?" to be "Makeup sex, senpai.  Lots and lots of makeup sex."

Lemon turns the ass kicking factor up to 11 and turns out to be a real member of MIB - the nice twist was Tetsurou's sister's husband being a special agent also.  Here's something that'll make you feel old if you're in your late 30s like me - the Men In Black movie came out the same year ('97) that many of today's high school freshmen were born into this world.

The zero-gravity tears were a really cool touch - too often in anime and sci-fi in general they just ignore zero gravity or explain away the lack of it to everything having some kind of artificial gravity field.

And the finale - if Ichika hadn't come back, I'd probably be ranting about how the world doesn't need another "bittersweet" ending, but this is the perfect finish in my book.

Overall review?  Best anime of the season for me, hands down - I'd even wager it'll be hard for anything else this year to beat it.  Romance, sci-fi, drama, comedy - Ano Natsu had it all and did it all very well.  Definitely the kind of series that makes me very glad to be an anime fan.


Kevin said...

i cried when it ended xD, but it is such a good anime! I recommend kaichou wa maid sama if u haven't watch it ;) Also review kuroko no basket!

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Jayson Lustre said...

i cried at the end. i cant stop it. especially on the scene where Ichika was taken away by the rescue pod and she was crying. Then, Kaito said that he will find her and Ichika replied that she will be waiting. I cried a lot on that scene. I know how it feels. When someone very important to you leaves without knowing if she will comeback. This is the best anime that i've watched so far. I'd like to encourage the creator of this anime to make a continuation of it. I would gladly watch it. I wish they'll make a part 2 of it.