Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Season Midterms

Once again, I've been on near-total hiatus for the last couple months - I blame real life and a distinct lack of free time at work to write blog posts.  But still, I thought I'd surface to throw out some thoughts on the winter season, and how I'd grade it if I were giving out grades today:

Ano Natsu de Matteru (Grade: A) Awesome - this is what Onegai Teacher should have been.  Kaito isn't a loser like Kei, he freaking dives through the air and confesses at the same time.  The whole confession scene at the end of ep 9 was awesome too, probably one of the best-done of its type I've seen.  Yeah, Kaito has the Bieber Fever haircut, but still, episode 9 impressed me that he can get it done when he needs to.

Mouretsu Pirates (Grade: B+) - I really liked the first couple episodes - I'm a sucker for scifi in general, usually, but hate "serious" scifi like Guilty Crown so this looked like it could be right up my alley.  The pacing is a little on the slow side - sometimes it feels like this was meant to be a one cour series and they're just padding it to two.  The extended intro at the start of every episode gets more than a little repetitive too.  But having said that, it has a good cast of characters, and I think that's what's sucked me in and keeps me looking forward to this every week almost as much as Ano Natsu.  Marika's almost too perfect in that she seems to have an absurdly natural grasp of decision-making as a captain, but Chiaki's like watching Kuroneko in space, and Misa and her teacher/helmsman are always fun for me to watch too.  It's odd for me to say this but I'd actually like it if they went a *little* more serious - seeing space combat where no one gets hurt just seems a little unrealistic, and putting her crew in danger enough times means someone would get hurt eventually and Marika would have to deal with the consequences.  But still, overall, this is fun to watch each week and I'm looking forward to where they end up going with it.

Amagami SS+ (Grade: B) - The Morishima-senpai arc is still coming, so this may get graded up, but so far it's been fun to watch - it's rare to ever see what happens to a couple in anime after they actually become a couple, so an entire season about that is kind of refreshing.  Although it's not very realistic that Junichi isn't, for just one example, all over Sae after they've been going out for a year.

Rinne no Lagrange (Grade: B) - My final grade for this could be an F depending where they go with it, but it's fun to watch so far, and while I'm sure Madoka's personality could grate on some, it doesn't really bother me.  It feels like 99% of what's going on is hidden from the viewer, and that gets a little annoying after a while - I'm hoping they parcel out more information as we go and don't just dump an explanation for everything in the very last episode in a rush.  Given there's a second season in summer but a three-month break before that, I'm dreading a cliffhanger at the end of the month...

To Heart 2 Dungeon Travelers (Grade: B) - This is an OVA, first episode was out last month, with the second episode to follow this month - I think most people would grade this a D or so, but I've watched all the other To Heart 2 anime and OVAs, and seeing the cast in action again after a long layoff was enough to make this well worth watching for me.  Takaaki has to have the biggest harem in all of anime though - seriously, how many girls are after him, 15?  20?  I thought Junichi in Da Capo SS was a player, but Takaaki I'm pretty sure has him beat in numbers at this point.


Zyl said...

Great to you back in action!

I second your comment about how NatsuMachi has made good on Onegai Teacher's deficiencies - it always bugged me how the latter was built on a blatant lie that spun out of control.

On space piracy, you're not the only one who feels that Marika's too perfect, good, polished etc. But I think that overlooks how subtly she's been steered by Ririka and Misa. But to give credit to Marika, young trainees with natural leadership talent and command presence do pop up; they're rare but if you've been in the biz for a while, you can instantly recognize that you're in the presence of a prodigy.

suguru said...

That's true about Marika - I'm probably just cynical from the lack of leadership at my work, it's hard to imagine someone coming in like Marika's situation and being that effective right off the bat. It's true that Ririka and especially Misa have been giving her a lot of support and guidance though, I read somewhere Misa is almost like an XO, and that's certainly been true so far.