Friday, May 04, 2012

Natusiro Kiseki 5

Sunrise, for the Love of Haruhi, hire some animators who actually know how to draw.

I guess on the plus side Yuka didn't have six fingers like that one point in episode three.  I love the cast, love the characters, the story has ups and downs but is good overall...but the drop-off in animation quality in episodes three and five was just horrifying to watch.  I've seen worse, and I still have nightmares about cabbages and lunar princesses deformed by the twisted hands of inept, drooling animators, but I think the good/bad switch they've got going here where some episodes look great and some are craptastic is a pretty deadly combination too.

I also don't think I'll ever understand how being outside without an umbrella in the rain, regardless of ambient temperature, will give anyone a 100% chance of getting a cold in anime.  At least when I was in Japan last, when it rained, only water fell from the sky, not a solution of H1N1 influenza.  If it went down like that, I'd carry an umbrella everywhere no matter what the forecast said, just in case.

On the plus side, a good character development/friendship episode, if you can get past the visual side of things.  Although most of the episode is about Yuka and Rin, it really sets up how painful it'll be for all four of them when Saki ultimately moves away.

I wonder why they just don't wish for Saki's father to get a promotion that lets him stay in town though...the wishing rock is...well, a little underutilized.  In real life, four teenage girls would have wished to be rich and dating Justin Bieber by halfway through episode one.


ザイツェヴ said...

Rain increases exposure by a lot. Unless it's +32C, one definitely gets cooled by the rain. If you stay out for too long, influenza may become a smaller problem than hypotermia. I suppose that for a healthy young man or woman, in a warm climate, an hour of rain is no problem, but anyone who's already weak runs a big risk.

suguru said...

True - it just seems funny how in anime, even on what looked like a warm summer day, rain = illness, without fail :)

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