Friday, May 25, 2012

Natsuiro Kiseki 8

Really, Sunrise?  You're putting your name on this shizzle?

Natsuiro Kiseki really has a decent story and characters, but For the Love of God, the animation quality is horrifying.  I'm going to have nightmares about this tonight, I'm sure if it.

Having moved a lot as a kid, I can relate to Saki's feelings, but I still can't get past how bad the visuals are.  It's like Sunrise decided to cut their losses about episode three and slash the budget to whatever spare change they could find on the floor in that Lawson they're always putting in the background.

Wasn't there a magic rock that could grant wishes in this series?  Shouldn't any real middle schooler have used it to wish for a billion yen, or to be famous, or maybe to not have Saki move away by now?  And what's up with Saki's father wanting to live on an island?  It's not like Shimoda isn't kind of in the middle of nowhere already, but you want somewhere even more remote?

Animation aside, it really wasn't a bad episode, as our four heroines go on a trip together and Saki's impending departure starts to level up the drama.  Watching this may make my eyes bleed, but I'm still going because they have me hooked enough to find out what happens to Saki, and if the magic rock actually ends up serving any real purpose.

UPDATE: One more note on Saki - as a father myself, I can not imagine making my daughter move like that.  If I got offered twice the money to move to another city, but my daughter was happy in the middle of junior high with good friends like Saki is, I'd turn the offer down without thinking.  As a parent, I think if you strive to be even a halfway good parent at all, you learn quickly to put your kids' happiness first - Clannad made a good point about this the way Nagisa's parents effectively sacrificed their dreams for her, but they don't regret it at all and would make the same choice 1,000 out of 1,000 times.  So it's hard not to be annoyed with Saki's father.  There are some careers where it's unavoidable (my father was military, which is a good example) but for Saki's dad it sounds more like he's jumping from his current job to his dream island job solely thinking of himself.

Note to Saki-papa: Wait until your daughter's out of high school - it's only four more years, then you can live in an island, in Antarctica, wherever the f*** you want.  They'll still have job openings on islands in 2016.

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