Monday, July 02, 2012

Akarin~! More Yuru Yuri!

Wow - the second season of Yuru Yuri starts off with the most hilarious ten minutes of anime I've seen in a long time.  Akarin in her dreams makes Io in Acchi Kocchi look like he has NOTHING in pimp skillz by comparison.  They could do an entire season on Akarin's fantasy world and I'd probably give myself an aneurysm laughing.

Akarin uses harem lead wink - it's highly effective. 

She even knows Fleming's Freaking Left-Hand Rule?  Seriously, Akarin?  I remembered I learned it in college, but since nothing I learned in college applies to my job, I had to look it up on Wikipedia.  I'm pretty sure they didn't teach that in middle school, although granted, Japanese kids learn Calculus IV in elementary school and international studies have shown American students are morons who can't find their own country on a map even with their iPhone's Location Services turned on.

Then in the second half, just when you thought Chinatsu was safe if she wasn't holding a crayon, her hair turns out to be a Living Horror that nothing can escape from.  I'm surprised the place they were staying even had that many table tennis balls.

Best answer for "why is the sky blue" ever.

I loved the first season of Yuru Yuri but was wary that the second season might not be able to keep up the comedy - clearly, I need to find better things to worry about, because this was even funnier than the first season.  Spring season was a bit of a letdown for me (although apparently I'm a sucker for idol/scifi since I got sucked into AKB0048, despite the CG abmoniations), so it's good to see summer off to an awesome start.

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