Monday, April 01, 2013

Love Live Ends

Love Live is over - and I'm left with the thought Kotori's the one who really should have gotten smacked upside the head instead of Honoka.  The evidence against her?  Kotori dragged her feet telling Honoka she was studying abroad.  When Umi called her on it (and God knows how much longer it would have taken her to tell Honoka if Umi hadn't forced the issue), Kotori then tried to blame not telling her on Honoka - got to like the "blame the victim" strategy.  Then it turns out that all along Kotori didn't really want to go at all, but didn't have the balls to say no herself until Honoka asked her to at the 11th hour and 59th minute.  Umi and Honoka should have ganged up to slap her maido ass silly.

I realized I left out Love Live in my last post, but it wasn't a bad series to watch - I can't believe any poll would rank it best anime of the season, but I have to admit it was fun to watch.  Umi was entertaining getting dragged into things at the beginning, Maki is so tsundere she's hilarious, Nico's split personality was always entertaining, and Honoka herself reminded me a lot of Haruka from Idolmaster (generally positive and the glue for the group, but not immune to getting depressed when things go south).

It figures I'd like this since generally I'm a sucker for idol series, partly for the music - although honestly I liked the J-pop in AKB0048 far more than Love Live (which figures, I guess, when you consider AKB0048's music came from the real AKB48 which breaks sales records on a regular basis).  Love Live was incredibly predictable, the drama was a little forced (see Kotori - and why did Eri take so long to join them again?), but in the end it was entertaining enough.  It wouldn't surprise me to see a second season, which would be cool - this was definitely watchable, and maybe even re-watchable (but probably not for a while).

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